Our Story
A crisis in development

Every fifth child struggles with developmental issues that can significantly impair their well-being and future prospects. Supporting their growth isn't just an investment in their future — it's essential for cultivating a healthier, more resilient society.

Yet, in the U.S., there are millions of children in need. As a result, many children wait months to begin therapy — delaying treatment when every day counts. Occupational therapy practitioners (OTPs), meanwhile, are overwhelmed by increasing demand and mounting administrative duties, and often struggle to provide the depth of care they know is necessary.

A New Era in Care

The rise of AI marks a profound historical moment, poised to transform our approach to healthcare. Korro AI is at the forefront of the AI revolution, leveraging machine learning and computer vision to strengthen and scale the critical work of pediatric OTPs.

Through immersive digital experiences rooted in advanced occupational therapy, Korro AI empowers professionals to reach more children and provide families with more impactful and more accessible care. Our unique technology supports professionals so they can do what they do best, advancing the field of child development.

Guided by the world's leading experts in occupational therapy, pediatric healthcare, computer vision, and immersive play, Korro AI is redefining what it means to care for our children by propelling and scaling the rehabilitative power of care to ensure the health and wellness of the next generation.

Korro's Mission

A child's early years are pivotal in the healthy development of body, brain, and mind. Korro AI works to optimize this critical period of brain plasticity, harnessing the transformative power of play to catalyze children's resilience, confidence, and creativity.

We support the caregivers and practitioners who guide this journey, equipping them with breakthrough AI technology and data-driven insights to enhance and extend their therapeutic reach, and empowering them to unlock every child's full potential.

Korro's Vision

At Korro AI, we are building a future in which early intervention and personalized care provide each and every child with the cognitive, emotional, psychosocial, and physical skills they need to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

About us

We are a team of leading international clinicians, world class computer vision and AI experts, award winning digital media product creators as well as highly experienced business people.

The Korro Platform was developed with over 30 top-tier PhD computer vision and machine learning scientists and engineers.

We leverage our team’s experience of having built the most significant projects in the world related to understanding complex human activity with AI in the environment, infrastructure, entertainment, and sports.

Korro’s digital media product team won over 30 international awards and built media products with more than 400 million views. Korro has offices in USA, Israel, Germany and UK.

Our Values


Korro AI catalyzes profound change, reshaping the landscape of pediatric therapy and unlocking new frontiers in child development.

Holistic Care

Korro AI embraces a holistic philosophy, interweaving a network of care where every intervention is part of a larger, nurturing tapestry.


Korro AI fosters empowerment, inspiring both children and professional to realize their fullest potentials — in the clinic, and beyond.


Korro AI pursues excellence without compromise, ensuring that every aspect of our platform inspires the pinnacle of quality and efficacy.

Mati Kochavi
Co-founder & Investor
Bernard Mucznik
Dr. Thomas Bader
Prof. Karen Jacobs
Head of Child Products
Dr. Arno Mittelbach
Chief AI Product Architect
Dr. Michael Leigsnering
Head of Health Analytics
Dr. Lasse Lehmann
Head of R&D
Dr. Markus S
Head of AI
Dr. Sarit Tresser
Head of Child Products
Ronen Hammer
General Manager Israel
Maya Kochavi
Head of AI content
Dan Gordon
Head of Korro Studio
Ami Prager
Idit Madanes
Yaara Avigur
Esti Bar Sade
Guy Taieb
Lior Sankash

Board of Advisors

Richard Burke
Co founder - United health
Head of Advisory Board
Prof. Ezekiel Emanuel
Former White House advisor
Chief Medical Advisor
Danna Rabin
General Manager Yotpo
Strategic Advisor
Ryan Gallant
Description about Ryan
OT Advisor

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