Korro Labs
Developing the next generation of care

Korro Labs, the R&D division of Korro AI, is driving the AI revolution for child development. Our team explores and develops cutting-edge technologies that enable our products to empower caregivers and enhance healthcare.
We measure our success by our contribution to a healthier, more resilient society.

Our guiding principles

At Korro AI, our principles shape a foundation of hard-earned trust and societal advancement. Our R&D and AI teams operate at the intersection of technology and humanity, designing a future where every child receives the nurturing care they need to thrive.

Put the Human First

Above all else, we prioritize the human experience. Our technology serves as a bridge between skilled professionals and the children they care for, enhancing - not replacing - human insight and connection.

Always Be Learning

We cultivate a culture of endless curiosity and collaboration, where the sharing of ideas and feedback propels us forward. We pioneer therapeutic technology by fostering ongoing education and exploration.

Innovate for Good

We vigilantly ensure our advancements are harnessed for the greater good. Integrity means prioritizing patient privacy, ensuring accessibility for all, and fostering transparency about our tools' capabilities and limitations.

Korro AI’s Core Technologies

We are developing a suite of technologies assisting in transforming therapeutic care into an engaging, effective, and secure journey towards wellness for every child.

Computer Vision
The Power to See

Korro’s AI is a driver in the children’s healthcare revolution by leveraging the ubiquitous smartphone camera and on-device processing. Our AI enables healthcare providers to provide targeted child-specific, real-time and holistic video analysis and establishes a new benchmark in computer vision.

We are developing technology that can analyze intricate body and facial details, physiological signals, and dynamics among multiple subjects to forge a revolutionary healthcare approach using a mobile device everyone already has in their pocket.

Machine Learning
The Power to Interpret

AI is core to our mission, and it goes far beyond mere observation. By training AI models, we strive to complement the nuanced understanding of seasoned professionals by creating a platform that can assist them in recognizing the subtle signs of a child's physical, emotional, cognitive, and social states.

Using the support of AI systems, we help healthcare professionals scale their reach and offer targeted care to children who may otherwise have limited-to-no access to these types of interventions.

Analytics & Big Data
The Power to Propel

We meticulously analyze a child’s therapeutic engagement, providing healthcare professionals with detailed and objective data intended to create a new level of understanding of children’s health. This encompasses hundreds of metrics, from physical, such as fine and gross motor skills, to complex behavioral measures, such as attention and avoidance. These metrics help providers adapt therapies in a highly personalized manner.

This granular insight, combined with broader analytics and massive datasets, assists in ushering a new understanding of childhood health, encouraging profound advancements in pediatric care.

Immersive Gaming
The Power to Engage

With the Korro Engine, we empower our team to readily design new kinds of meaningful and immersive experiences that captivate children throughout their therapeutic regimens.

By integrating the latest gaming technologies into healthcare, we assist in transforming therapeutic processes into compelling wellness journeys that are enjoyable and effective.

Privacy & Security
The Power to Protect

Recognizing the critical importance of data privacy, Korro AI is unwavering in our commitment to protecting any sensitive information we handle.

To this end the Korro Engine runs locally on a smartphone or tablet, and no image data is ever sent to the cloud. In addition, our security protocols are continuously evaluated and tailored to ensure the complete integrity and safety of user data, providing peace of mind for families and healthcare providers using the platform.

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